class="">George Banu – an encounter with friends „House of Gifts

George Banu – an encounter with friends „House of Gifts

În cadrul FNT, s-a lansat volumul „Parisul personal. Casa cu daruri” al lui George Banu, apărut la Editura Nemira. A fost ca o „întâlnire între prieteni”, vorbindu-se despre daruri, despre lucruri ce ţin de suflet, despre cum poate fi prietenia o salvare.

29 October 2015,  Articles

October 29th 2015

Nemira Publishing House’s «Personal Paris. House of Gifts”, by George Banu, was launched   as a special event of the NTF. It was something like a get together with friends- a talk about gifts, about things of the heart, about how friendship can mean salvation.

An article by Maria Sârbu

„Personal Paris. House of Gifts ” is the continuation of another book published by Nemira,  „Personal Paris. Urban Autobiography”. Monica Andronescu, the editor of the book mentioned the fact that the publishing house and the author had agreed on a trilogy, a concept created by George Banu together with the late Valentin Nicolau. So, a third volume is being expected…

NTF artistic director, Marina Constantinescu, introduced the book mentioning unforgettable moments in George Banu’s “House of Gifts” in Paris, a world of objects that were given and now intensify the connection between the author and his friends. In George Banu’s opinion, each object tells its own story and he tells it in writing, after contemplating the animated world inside the things.

„The world of objects is not a dead world (…). Revealing part of your intimate world is an act of courage and, at the same time, a reverence to the idea of friendship”, Marina Constantinescu said and concluded her speech with an appreciation of the refined concept of the books adorned with photographs  by Mihaela Marin.


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Marina Constantinescu also said that „To me it seems that this visual pairing is a gain for both George Banu and the reader, because the story is supported both by the word and the image”, and that those who will browse through these stories about people as well as about objects which speak about the most profound side of the human being, will understand that friendship truly is redeeming.

Felix Alexa and Constantin Chiriac also spoke about this world of George Banu’s and so did Mihaela Marin, the author of the pictures in the book.

The author had many stories to tell about the objects that keep him company in his home and that he never watches with indifference. „Each of them contains a story. But this book is also a gallery of friends, it’s a poetics of gifts, outside of the stereotype offered thing. A gift is a form of communication”, George Banu asserted. All these stories are in the “House of Gifts” from the tireless palladian’s “Personal Paris”.

Photo credit: Mihaela Marin

October 29th 2015