• Choreographer Hervé Koubi, on “What The Day Owes To The Night”: „I tried to tell through dance a story about things we all have in commmon”

    Este directorul și fondatorul companiei de dans franceze cu cele mai multe turnee internaționale în ultimii ani. Anul acesta a fost invitat în FNT 2019 cu un spectacol longeviv, extrem de puternic și personal: „Ceea ce ziua datorează nopții” („Ce que le jour doit à la nuit”).

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  • 30 Years?

    I have known my entire life that, by living within theatre, I would need to stand the pressure of time, the permanent feeling of artistic helplessness, that I would get dominated by the obsession for perfection, that I would be a slave to the pain of labour… in general.

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  • Marina Constantinescu – Theatre, the Magical Moment of History

    Thirty years have passed since Romania entered freedom and democracy. Many things have happened during those years. We enjoy freedom of expression, of creation, of thought, while we, men of culture, can be a force and a reference point for our society. Culture is – despite its passing through the good or bad moments that the society is living – the absolute reference point. Just like education. It is the force that takes us forward and deeper inside ourselves.

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    Motto: Theatre, the magical moment of History. THE NATIONAL THEATYRE FESTIVAL, 29th Edition (18 – 27 OCTOBER 2019).

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  • Boris Eifman: „I founded a theatre because I needed to have my own space to create”

    A master of the art of ballet, Boris Eifman, the creator of the performance „Eugene Onegin”,  to be presented at the Romanian National Theatre Festival on October 25th, on the stage of the Grand Hall of the National Theatre Bucharest, strikes through the „extravaganza of his phantasies”, as the Russian press notes. Founder of the Academic Ballet Theatre and of the Ballet Academy in  Saint-Petersburg, named after him, described as a „choreographer- philosopher”, „psycho- analitical choreographer”, Boris Eifman says he develops, together with his company, „a unique, ancient language of the body, as an instrument of understanding and expressing the human soul”. On the occasion of the presence of the company in Bucharest, Boris Eifman answered a few questions for the RNTF website.

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18 – 27 October 2019



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