class="">BUTCHER’S PRICKWOOD by Vasile Alecsandri

BUTCHER’S PRICKWOOD by Vasile Alecsandri

26 October | 18:00 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

26 October | 21:00 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

The first comedy on Alecsandri’s original themes is “Iorgu of Sadagura” also known as “A Grandson Is like Butcher’s Prickwood”, which reflects the contradictions in the society of the past, the conflicts between the old and the new.


Adapted/Dramatized by : Alexandru Dabija


Enachi Damian: Lucian Pînzaru

Damian’ Grandson: Florin Toma

Gahița Rosmarinovici: Petronela Buda

Cantor Ieni: Ciprian Brașoveanu

Father Grigore: Radu Horghidan

The Feldsher: Vlad Ajder

Ițic Friedman: Vlad Volf

Baron Forir Von Gartenberg: Ștefan Forir

Mrs. Gângu: Oana Mogoș

Mrs. Gângu’s daughter: Flavia Călin

Zoița Kiulafoglu: Elena Anghel

Agamemnon Kiulafoglu: Ionuț Moldoveanu

Godmother, Sutler : Oana Preda

Iftimi, Damian’s gypsy: Răzvan Clopoțel

Directed by: Alexandru Dabija

Set Design: Alexandru Dabija

Choreography: Elena Anghel

Original Score:„Crai nou”, „1 Mai muncitoresc”, „Sârba-n căruță”, „Dum-dum-dum, toba bate” (acapela)

Light Design and Sound Design: Alexandru Dabija

Durataion 1 h 50 min  (no intermission)

“Fani Tardini” Dramatic Theatre, Galaţi

Suitable for ages 16 and above

This performance includes non-sexual nudity scenes and access is FORBIDDEN under 16 !

Iorgu, the grandson of Enachi Damian, a scholar educated in an imaginary cultural center, in a superficial type of Sadagura, notices that the city of Iasi is an ankylosed place, where the patterns of the old forms of existence cannot be thrown away by the breath of renewal. Enachi Damian knows well that the pretend-Frenchman Iorgu has to raise his race not through the delivery exercise, which he despises, but through the power of money. A political parody and not only, the play sharply ridicules truths, false prejudices, and amends pretense! For the author, the play becomes the voice by which it makes its views known about the traditions, bads or good habits of the community of those times, seen from the position of the intellectual with acutely critical sense. For the actors involved, the performance is the opportunity of discoveries such as the ones starting from the stage and ending dep in themselves, which brush up their artistic means. For the public, the play will be a good opportunity to enjoy the healthy humour and unmistakable charm and Moldovan speech, the regional dialect.

Foto: Tudor Neacșu