class="">DELHI DANCE by Ivan Vyrypaev

DELHI DANCE by Ivan Vyrypaev

26 October| 21:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theatre, Studio Hall

In an atmosphere and mood performance where oneirism and realism can substitute each other, Radu Afrim creates a suspended universe pulsating like a heart, a trance world which soaks you up in its rhythm, in a seal-like dance.


Translated by: Elvira Rîmbu


Ecaterina: Ada Lupu

Lera: Tatiana Ionesi

Andrei: Dan Prisacariu

Mama: Pușa Darie

Asistenta: Livia Iorga

Olga: Marina Munteanu

Directed by: Radu Afrim

Set Design: Cosmin Florea

Video Design: Andrei Cozlac

Sound Universe: Radu Afrim

Duration: 2 h  (no intermission)

“Vasile Alecsandri” National Theatre, Iaşi

English surtitles

In a hospital hallway, six characters in search of their own selves, in close proximity to death, experiment love, hate, remorse, separation; they seem to be telling the same story, but each of them takes place in different circumstances, and they react differently to destiny.

Inside dance / You feel / Nothing more and silence / Inside / Outside / Both at the beginnig and at the end / In the depth of dreaming and at the surface of dreams, here are the titles of the seven acts of the play which flow smoothly one after thr other, with a hypnotic touch, like a mantra. Of the Delhi dance.

Foto: Odin Moise