class="">Once Again, Applause for the Theatre

Once Again, Applause for the Theatre

We are celebrating the World Theatre Day, a new opportunity to remember – and by remembering, to cherish – the joy of witnessing the repeatable miracle which is the theatre performance.

27 March 2019,  News, NTF Press Releases

The World Theatre Day finds us in the middle of the preparations for the 29th edition of the National Theatre Festival, which will take place in Bucharest, between 18 and 27 October 2019. The Director of the Festival this year will be again theatre critic Marina Constantinescu.

Just like every year, the team of the Festival bow to show deference to the creators of this noble art. It is our duty and honour, in praise of memory of the personalities who made theatre history, as well as of in applauding those who make theatre today, hoping to build a solid foundation for the theatre of tomorrow.

The world is changing in bewildering directions, we are faced with real causes for concern, since nothing is gained forever, be it freedom or democracy. And it is not by chance that theatre – through the power of its nuances – reminds us day by day about how invaluable freedom truly is.

Theatre means freedom and beauty, a reason for reflection and self-rediscovery, but it also means moments of respite in the fights that each and every one need to face on the personal side.

And above all, theatre is soul, and that is what makes us come back to the performance halls again and again.

Theatre helps us keep our souls intact in the permanent rush of our times. Theatre holds the vulnerability of a moment, but the emotions of the artistic creation will last for as long as humanity lasts in us, the mankind.

For all that and for so much more, we won’t let the curtain fall.

The team of the National Theatre Festival