class="">HENRY IV by Luigi Pirandello

HENRY IV by Luigi Pirandello

22 October| 18:30 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

The events in “Henry IV” happen 20 years before the action onstage, when a young aristocrat, taken away by his acting talent, suffers an accident during a carnival.


Staging: Gyulay Eszter

Translated into Hungarian by: Füsi József

Cast :

Henry IV: Balázs Attila

Matilde Spina, marquise: Szabó Enikő

Frida, her daughter: Lőrincz Rita

Carlo di Nolli: Vass Richárd

Belcredi, baron: Bandi András Zsolt

Genoni, psychiatrist: Éder Enikő

Londolfo (Lolo): Molnos András Csaba

Arialdo (Franco): Aszalos Géza

Ordulfo (Momo): Kiss Attila

Bertoldo (Fino): Csata Zsolt

Giovanni, custodiab: Tar Mónika

First valet: Lukács Szilárd

Second valet: Mihály Csongor

Orchestra: Dragalina Cristian Csaba, Roxana Ardeleanu, Cătălina Căpățînă, Ştefan Cașcaval, Andreea Fălcușan, Vlad Faur, Paul Grosar, Cristian Jurcan, Traian Mișcu, Francesca Moldovan, Valentina Pancă, Grigore Teodorescu, Dorin Tereu, Cătălin Vinars, Vizauer Kinga

Conductor : Cári Tibor

Stage Direction: Victor Ioan Frunză

Set Design: Adriana Grand

Costume assistant: Szakáli Zalán

Original Score: Cári Tibor

Light Design: Victor Ioan Frunză

Duration: 2 h (no intermission)

 “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre, Timişoara

In Hungarian with Romanian surtitles

Suitable for ages 16 and above

He wakes up the next day fully convinced that he is Henry IV, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, whose life was marked by a series of conflicts with the Pope, and who is closely linked to the legendary Road to Canossa. Has he really gone mad or is he pretending? If he is mad, why does everyone around him participate in his madness? If it is just a game, how can it be so real? Who can clearly say where normality ends and madness begins?

Foto: Adriana Grand