class="">JANNA by Yaroslava Pulinovich

JANNA by Yaroslava Pulinovich

19 October| 18:00 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

Written in 2012, “Janna or Tomorrow Will Be Another Day” is a tragic comedy about a modern day successful woman used to have her own life under control, as well as the lives of the others around her.


Translated by Raluca Rădulescu


Kirova Janna Georgievna: Adriana Vaida

Ivansky Andrey: Vlad Mureșan

Katya: Crina Andriucă

Vitaly Arkadievich: Radu Botar

Olga: Anca Similar

Kirova: Dorina Nemeș

Janna’s Father : Cătălin  Mareș

Kolea, Debt Cllector: Sorin Oros

She: Ioana Cheregi

He: Andrei Stan

Oriol, Debt Collector: Ciprian Vultur

Vika: Lucia Maria Racșan

Jannochka: Roxana Fânață

The Child: Maya Katerina Pop

Janna’s Mother: Yvette Princz

Directed by: Dumitru Acriș

Set Design: Cristian Gătina

Choreography: Roxana Fânață

Light Design: Lucian Moga, Alexandru Dancu

Video Design: Virgil Puiac

Duration: 1 h 50 min  (no intermission)

The North Theatre, Satu Mare – “Mihai Raicu” Company

English surtitles

Suitable for ages 14 and above

It is a story about friendship, love and betrayal. Moreover, it is a reflection on an age in which the price of success is too high.

An unscrupulous business woman, a bit vulgar, extremely pragmatic, Janna lives with a man who is a lot younger than her. After leaving her, forced by the circumstances, the man returns to her with his beloved wife and child, and Janna feels avenged and fulfilled: she will take the child and look forward to the future.

Foto: Robert Costea