class="">LAS MENINAS by Ernesto Anaya

LAS MENINAS by Ernesto Anaya

24 October| 21:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theatre, Painting Hall

In a historical but highly fictionalized type of society at its highest point before declining, the ultimate whim is the desire for immortality. A brilliant painting turns out to be the only salvation.


Translated into Hugarian by János Antal Horváth


Velázquez: Ervin Szűcs

Infanta Margarita: Éva Imre

Maribárbola: Ferenc Sinkó

Menina 1: Gizella Kicsid

Menina 2: Emőke Kató

Choir: Andrea Vindis, Loránd Farkas, Róbert Laczkó Vass, Csaba Marosán

Directed by: Andrei Măjeri

Set Design: Irina Chirilă

Costumes: Lucian Broscățean

Stage Movement: Attila Bordás

Sound Design: Adrian Piciorea

Conductor: Katalin Incze G.

Illustrations, prints: Ágnes Keszeg

Accessories: Diana Flore

Fencing: Péter Habala

Assistant Directir:  Alpár Fogarasi

Assistant Costume Designer: Carmen Cherecheș

Duration: 1 h 50 min  (no intermission)

Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

In Hungarian with Romanian and English surtitles

Suitable for ages 14 and above

However, the protagonist and everyone’s target, namely Diego Velázquez, perceives the respect of posterity in a different manner. He gives up his painting job (an occupation which was not considered to be an art form in that age), and chooses a more serious profession – that of the manager of the palace – and awaits years until receiving his most important order. The infanta and others wish to be immortalized in a painting that is “more beautiful than the Mona Lisa”. And thus, the two universes collide repetitively, in notes encompassing tragedy, comedy and parody alike.

“All is death reborn. A journey towards extinction, towards the end.” (Andrei Măjeri)

Foto: István Biró