class="">NEVERMORE by Edgar Allan Poe

NEVERMORE by Edgar Allan Poe

23 October| 21:00 – Small Theatre, Atelier Hall

24 October | 18:00 – Small Theatre, Atelier Hall

“Edgar Allan Poe is enigmatic, the world as he pictured it distorted forever the mirrors in which we look at ourselves, it left the dreams pass through the mirrors like birds, even nowadays we still are echoes of his visions, we are reliving his dreams and nightmares.


Dramatized by : Dragoș Galgoțiu, after a script by Edgar Allan Poe


Auguste Dupin: Tudor Aaron Istodor

E.A. Poe: Vlad Logigan

Pauline Dubourg,  laundress: Adriana Șchiopu

Sailor: Ovidiu Niculescu

Isidore Muset, gendarme: Vitalie Bantaș

Henri Duval, neighbourg, a silvermith: Radu Zetu

Jules Mignaud, banker: Alexandru Voicu

Alberto Montani, confectioner: Ionuț Vișan

Paul Dumas, physician: Viorel Cojanu

Mrs. L’Espanaye: Ioana Pavelescu

Miss Camille L’Espanaye: Irina Rădulescu

Marie Rogȇt: Ana Bianca Popescu

Leonore: Alina Petrică

Newspaper Boy: Petre Cheregi

Adolphe le Bon, orangutan: Vava Ștefănescu

Directed by: Dragoș Galgoțiu

Set Design: Dragoș Galgoțiu

Costume Design: Lia Manțoc

Choreography: Vava Ștefănescu

Sound Design: Dragoș Galgoțiu

Duration: 2 h  (no intermission)

The Small Theatre, Bucharest

Suitable for ages 14 and above

Poe is intensely theatrical, grotesque and romantic in a special way, deeply introverted, allways strange, seduced by images of the circus where human comedy pleads its diformities, bizarre nature, fears and absurdity.” (Dragoș Galgoțiu)