class="">ON TENDERNESS by Matei Vișniec

ON TENDERNESS by Matei Vișniec

24 October| 21:00 – Rmanian Playwrites’ Theatre, „Ion Băieșu” Hall

25 October| 17:00 – Romanian Playwrites’ Theatre, „Ion Băieșu” Hall

It is often said that tenderness can save the bonds between people, which are so fragile. The show directed by Felix Alexa portrays – with sensitivity and humor – all the expressions of tenderness, this vitally important feeling in our daily lives.


Staging: Felix Alexa


Man 1 / Client / He: Șerban Pavlu

Woman 2 / Woman at the bar: Catrinel Dumitrescu

Woman 1 / Hitchhiker / She: Ada Galeș

Billy / Man 2: Ștefan Iancu

Catherine: Sandra Ducuță

Directed by: Felix Alexa

Set Design: Andrada Chiriac

Soundtrack: Felix Alexa

Light Design: Felix Alexa

Video: Auraleye

Duration: 1 h 30 min  (no intermission)

 The Theatre of Romanian Dramatists, Bucharest

English surtitles

Juggling happiness, hope and disappointment, „On tenderness” tells the story of some meaningful encounters where all the characters of the play, who seem to live in some kind of trance, rediscover ways of knowing and expressing love. Matei Vișniec`s play gives the spectator the chance of an irreversible revelation – that of tenderness encapsulated in details.

„On tenderness” is a memorable show in all its facets, an island where everybody can land from time to time, if they want to take a breath of fresh air and distance themselves from vulgarity and the race to nowhere”, as the playwright himself declares.