class="">OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder

OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder

24 October| 18:00 – Bulandra Theatre, Liviu Ciulei Hall

An empty stage. A boy plays an old piano. Some actors are getting ready for a show, they warm up, tune their instruments. They’re waiting for something. And we, the audience, are waiting with them.


Adapted/Dramatized by Dálnoky Réka & Vladimir Anton

Hungarian version by Benedek Marcell

Romanian version by Radu Lupan


The Director: Barabás Árpád

Mr. Webb: Dunkler Róbert

Mrs. Webb: László Kata

Mr. Gibbs: Szűcs-Olcsváry Gellért

Mrs. Gibbs: Bekő Fóri Zenkő

George Gibbs: Jakab Tamás

Emily Webb: Kőmíves Boróka/Nagy Xénia-Abigél

Rebecca Gibbs: Kőmíves Boróka/Nagy Xénia-Abigél

Simon Stimson: Pál Attila

Howie Newsome: Esti Norbert

Mrs. Soames/Professor Willard: Pál-Varga Márta

Police Officer Warren: Tóth Árpád

Prompter: Pásztor Márk

Little Girl: Dunkler Helka

Wally Webb: Dunkler Krisztián

Joe Crowell: Szűcs-Olcsváry Zete

Si Crowell: Szűcs-Olcsváry Zámor

“Balázs Ferenc” Mixed Choir: Bíró Edith, Tóti Ágoston, Crețu Mária, Both Emese, Szőts Gabriella, Nagy Katalin

Students: Márton András, György Laura, Birtalan Alexandra, Jenei Bence, Bereczki-Orbán András, Bereczki-Orbán Péter, Lukács Lilla, Balázs Ádám, Gudor Hunor, Pálfalvi Eneh, Tódor Erika, Péter Mónika, Gelei Erika, Barabás Ágnes, Szőcs Réka, Tifán Gellért, Asztalos Ágota

Music and Sound Effects: Barabás Árpád (vocal), Pál Attila (piano, violin, banjo, double bass), Esti Norbert (vocals, drums, piano), Pásztor Márk (guitar, banjo), Tóth Árpád (double bass), Márton András (piano)

Directed by: Vladimir Anton

Set Design: Szűcs-Olcsváry Gellért

Set Design: Eranio Petrușka

Costume Design: Biró Boglárka

Light Design: Toásó István

Sound Design: Boca Hunor-Lehel

Duration: 2 h 30 min  (with intermission)

“Tomcsa Sándor” Theatre, Odorheiu Secuiesc

In Hungarian with Romanian surtitles

Suitable for ages 12 and above

Are we waiting for the lights to go out? Or the start of the show we bought tickets for? Maybe. Or maybe we’re all waiting for something different. Something simpler and more elusive. Something we’re a little afraid of, but don’t want to admit. Maybe that’s why we’re nervous.

Suddenly, without any set, the empty stage is transformed into an entire town. A large street crosses it, the street of all our childhoods. The actors become parents, grandparents and neighbours we remember so well. We even seem to recognise the milkman! Our classmates are there as well. We thought we’ve forgotten them. Oh, how we stuttered when we first fell in love!

When did all of this pass us by? And why didn’t we stop for a second to enjoy it?

Is there anyone who understands the joy of life, every waking minute? Only poets and saints… perhaps.

And I start to realise what I was waiting for before the lights went out.