class="">RICHARD III by W. Shakespeare (Bulandra Theatre)

RICHARD III by W. Shakespeare (Bulandra Theatre)

20 October| 19:00 – Bulandra Theatre, Liviu Ciulei Hall

“The performance, which takes shape at rehearsals at a speed and intensity higher than what I am normally used to, brings to light, as beloved friend Biță Banu would say, “the Shakespearean night, the political night, the night of murder and madness, the night of excess, of criminal excess, of sexual excess and much more…”


Translated and adapted by: Daniela Dima

Cast :

Marius Manole

George Ivașcu

Rodica Lazăr

Cornel Scripcaru

Alexandra Fasolă

Cătălin Babliuc

Adrian Ciobanu

Constantin Dogioiu

Alin State

Lucian Ifrim

Mirela Gorea

Catinca Maria Nistor

Directed by: Andrei Şerban

Co-Director: Daniela Dima

Costume Design: Fruzsina Nagy

Stage space consultant: Octavian Neculai

Light Design: Andrei Şerban

Music: Raul Kusak

Sets: Andrei Șerban

Costume Assistant: Dalma Zsuzsanna Szőke

Sets Assistant: Vladimir Iuganu

Technical Directors: Alina Manu, Daniel Constantinescu

Duration 3 h 45 min (with intermission)

“Lucia Sturdza Bulandra” Theatre, Bucharest

„A world that the author almost photographed, like a document of its times. Yet, the minute and profound report is not only political and social. It is another mirror of the soul (the Bard’s constant theme) and stresses new, shocking aspects of the reasons which caused the disaster, not only on individual level, but of the whole country in ruin. And now, a new, intriguingly modern and incredibly true world is brought to light on stage at Bulandra Theatre, right in front of our bewildered eyes.” (Andrei Şerban)