class="">Shakespeare: Richárd III. (Budapest)

Shakespeare: Richárd III. (Budapest)

22 October| 19:00 – Bulandra Theatre, Liviu Ciulei Hall

“Having worked with such an internationally acknowledged director as Andrei Şerban has been an important step in the professional life of Radnóti Theatre, the production has become a huge success in Hungary and received several awards….”


Based on the translation of István Vas the text of the production edited by: Andrei Şerban and Daniela Dima


Róbert Alföldi

György Gazsó

József Kelemen

Adél Kováts

Zsolt László

Márta Martin

András Pál

Ádám Porogi

András Rusznák

Zoltán Schneider

Eliza Sodró

Directed by: Andrei Şerban

Co-Director: Daniela Dima

Costume Design: Fruzsina Nagy

Light Design: Andrei Şerban

Stage Design: Róbert Menczel

Music: Marcell Dargay

Literary consultant: Péter Závada

Stage-manager: József Kónya

Prompter: Erzsébet Farkas

Assistant: Zsófi Ari

Assistant director: Rémusz Szikszai

Dramaturg, interpreter: Anikó Szűcs

Co-director: Daniela Dima

Duration: 3 h 30 min (with intermission)

“Radnóti Miklós” Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

„Working with a director who has come from another culture and uses another language is always a challenge: it requires extra efforts on everyone’s part, which in turn can lead to professional growth and new experiences. While rehearsing with Şerban, the ensemble got acquainted with a completely different theatrical language in a mutually open exchange of inspirations – this spirit of curiosity and openness therefore is not only thematised by the productions we play at Radnóti, but also the atmosphere which our Richard III with Andrei Şerban was made in. At Radnóti, we consider it important to be present on the international scene, and not only has this meeting with Andrei Şerban made us more open on a professional and personal level, but also helped us enter the international discourse of what theatre is and what it can be.” (Adél Kováts, general director, Radnóti Theatre, Budapest, Hungary)