class="">THE AVALANCHE by Tuncer Cücenoğlu

THE AVALANCHE by Tuncer Cücenoğlu

23 October| 19:00 – Odeon Theatre, Majestic Hall

“The Avalanche” is a story about fear, but also about the past and the future, the conservative tradition and the change of mentality.


Translated by: Nermin Hogea Susam

Adapted by Claudiu Groza


Old Man: Petre Ghimbășan

Old Woman: Corina Cernea

Young Woman: Consuela Egyed

Young Man: Ciprian Ciuciu

Man: Șerban Borda

Woman: Gabriela Codrea

Midwife: Mirela Lupu

President of the Committee: Andrian Locovei

Member of the Committee: Anca Sigmirean

Member of the Committee: Segărceanu Nicolae

Ghost of Dead Girl: Georgia Căprărin

Ghost of Old Man’s Brother: Alin Stanciu

Guard 1 : Ion Ruscuț

Guard 2: Cristian Segărceanu

Directed by: Petru Vutcărău

Set Design: Ianis Vasilatos

Costumes: Amalia Buie

 Duration:1 h 40 min  (no intermission)

 „Queen Marie” State Theatre, Oradea

English surtitles

Suitable for ages 15 and above

Tuncer Cücenoğlu imagined an anxious and symbolic history: in a strictly-imposed community, a person can be killed if they endanger the lives of others. The law that death is avoided by death raises other questions: about social morality, about insanity in tradition, about aspiration towards a free and unconstrained life. That’s the plot here, but the theme can reverberate much further, even to the convulsive realities of today’s civilization…