class="">THE FOREST OF THE HANGED after Liviu Rebreanu

THE FOREST OF THE HANGED after Liviu Rebreanu

23 October| 18:00 – I.L.Caragiale National Theatre, Big Hall

In a world dominated by war and death prowling around, the grandiose Austro-Hungarian Empire is agonizing.  The nations dream of their autonomy by throwing to death soldiers who wear their uniforms on behalf of unknown ideals and of a home which is not theirs at all.


Script by Radu Afrim


Apostol Bologa: Alexandru Potocean

Conscience: Marius Manole

Klapka: Richard Bovnoczki

Petre: Ciprian Nicula

Ilona: Raluca Aprodu

Lt. Varga, G-ral Karg: Istvan Teglas

Paul Vidor: Vitalie Bichir

Mrs. Bologa: Natalia Călin

A Peasant Woman: Ada Galeș

Priest Boteanu, a Musician: Florin Călbăjos

Priest’s Wife, a Nurse: Alexandra Sălceanu

Corporal, a Musician: Emilian Mârnea

Cervenco: Liviu Popa

Gross: Cristian Bota

A Soldier: Alexandru Chindriș

A Soldier: Octavian Voina

Military Doctor, a Soldier: Andrei Atabay

A Soldier: Vlad Galer

A Peasant Woman, a Soldier: Flavia Giurgiu

A Soldier: Cosmin Ilie

Vasile, A Soldier: George Olar

A Soldier: Ciprian Valea

Teenager, a Soldier: Tiberiu Enache

A Soldier: Silviu Mircescu

A Officer: Bogdan Iacob

Soldier and Poet: Vlad Ionuț Popescu

Interpreters: Lenuța Purja, Teodora Purja

Direction and Sound Universe: Radu Afrim

Assistant Directors: Victor Tunsu, Flavia Giurgiu, Mădălina Ciupitu

Set Design: Cosmin Florea

Set Design Asistant: Gabi Albu

Costume Design Assistants: Andreea Diana Nistor, Alexandra Budianu

Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu

Video Mapping: Andrei Cozlac

Light Design: Mircea Mitroi

Sound Design: Călin Ţopa

Duration: 3 h 30 min  (with intermission)

“I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Bucharest

English surtitles

Suitable for ages 14 and above: scenes with an emotional impact, nudity, scenes of a sexual nature, length which is beyond their capacity of attention.

Because of the strobe light effects, of short length and duration, the performance is not recommended to photosensitive and to epileptic persons!

From the depressing picture of a huge artificially contrived conglomerate of peoples built by means of oppression and lies, a series of destinies, love stories and stirring dramas come to light.

The young lieutenant Apostol Bologa, painfully torn between duty and honour, is looking for the truth on the troubled horizon of the war. The hero’s moral restlessness is exacerbated when his national identity has to face challenge on the background of the rise of nationalism, and when, being called in the Martial Court, he is asked to oversee the execution of a deserter.

Far away from any form of nationalism, the performance leads us to a lucid reflection on the state of the nation, a clear confrontation with our historical past, a dialogue between the voice of the present and the voice of history. A deaf, whispered or blunt, insinuating or disturbing voice through which the events of a world of massacre are spreading their true name in time, a voice that has the particular temper and intonation belonging to the director Radu Afrim.

Foto: Adi Bulboacă