20 October| 19:00 – NTF HUB, Studio Hall

24 October| 19:00 – NTF HUB, Studio Hall

“The invisible is a landscape with an unknown topography, to be explored; an uncultivated, wild being that dominates all the sensory registers, keeping coherence in things. It is the structure on which the visible world leans, the being of this being. There is nothing invisible in this universe, just our refusal to see.


All the art in the world already exists – it lies below the surface of our normal consciousness, like an underground river from which we feed. It is our duty to listen to it, to watch it with the eyes of the mind, and to bring it into the material world.

Art brings things to light and enlightens us. Making a piece of art is like revealing a family secret. What will they think of me once I do that?

Many of us make a virtue out of creative deprivation. I embraced a long and powerful artistic anorexia like a martyr’s cross. I used this to nurture a sense of false spirituality. Does being good and doing good mean being superior? Maybe more of a denial. We can successfully call ourselves a self-destructive artist / self-murdered artist. There is a price we pay for being good, but not for being genuine.

I inherited an obsession with the product – a mentality of the consumerist society. Attention to the final form of the work of art ignores the fact that creativity does not lie in the work done, but in the process. The heart of artistic anorexia is avoiding the process by ignoring and avoiding it. We set our limits to the point where we can ensure our success. Safety is an expensive illusion. In order to take the risk we have to go beyond our own limits. Creativity must be unleashed by the parameters of the ambitious art society, with a capital A. Otherwise, we become ashamed of our curiosities and creative explorations.

Visible Invisible is a personal journey where each participant has time to discover and test the limits of their own expression. For this we literally propose a space free of errors, free of judgment and free of constraints.

Visible Invisible is an exercise of awareness and openness of mind to new possibilities and ideas. Trying and constantly maintaining an attitude of kind, gentle self-exploration, we gradually launch ourselves into a great creative expansion; we open up the door to mystery and magic. We become original because we become something specific: an origin from which our art flows. We are the source of our own art. Originality is a process of staying honest with ourselves. Art is born of attention. Do you want to kill the messenger / artist?” – Irina Moscu