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Nocturne show

7 November | 22:30 –

The interview has been available for viewing on Sunday, November 7, from 10.30 pm until Monday, November 15 at 00.00.

A dialogue between Marina Constantinescu and Ion Caramitru, about the 25 years of freedom

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Host: Marina Constantinescu

Editor: Marian Manolache

Production: Zoe Bălan

A production of TVR, 2015

Duration: 52 min

A bow to the values and to moral and professional rectitude. Warm, heart-felt talks with cultural personalities of our times.

„Nocturne is about stories with an about the people inside myself and around us. I am constantly on the search for great, lesser-known value among people, on one hand, but I also engage in dialogue with great, well-known personalities, whom we try to present with humbleness and modesty, through novel perspectives.” – Marina Constantinescu