11 November | 20:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Thursday 11 November, from 20.00, until Monday, 15 November, at 24.00.

An emotional love story, a reunion after 20 years, with hopes and disenchantments make place for a consistently dramatic dialogue, in a Russia that cancels any form of freedom. The path of a love that was not meant to be, but which now promises it all. Some love stories never come to fruition They simply exist, accompany us, leave their mark on us, yet do not find the way to become fulfilled.

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Author: Aleksandr Galin

Translation: Nicolae lliescu

Inna Rasadina:
Mariana Mihuț
Iuri Zvonariov:
Ion Caramitru

Direction: Yuri Kordonsky
Set design:
Nina Brumușilă
Lighting design:
Ioan Lazăr
Sound design:
Cornel Cosmulescu
Assistant director:
Taisia Orjehovschi
Bulandra Theatre Bucharest 2004

Duration: 1h 45 min

Maybe these are the strongest of love stories. Maybe precisely running away from them, postponing them until an uncertain future moment is what makes them grow stronger. In Sorry we see how a love manages to survive to prolonged deferrals, sees itself acknowledged, yet then refuses to become destiny. It’s a love that leaves its mark on their lives, yet remains constantly on the side, never becoming one with them.

”Excuses of forgiveness tend to disappear from the vocabulary of stressed city people. That’s precisely why this performance seems to be out of the ordinary. It is so beautiful, so tranquil, so well played that you almost fall asleep. The humour is well placed between the lines and it keep you alert, reminding one that laughing things off is a rudimentary form of therapy.

In this performance nobody swears, shouts or gets undressed, although somehow there is a certain temptation to do so. Everything breathes love. A love that, nevertheless, has a price tag, partiularly because it was born and it might also be buried in Russia. But this is no price in money, which Iuri (Ion Caramitru) has plenty of. But money, regardless of how much, does not impress Inna (Mariana Mihuț). Money can indeed buy a death certificate, or capture the attention and the favours of ‘poor’ corrupt people, but in no way do they help one access happiness.” – „Sorry sau ce nu pot cumpăra banii” (Hai la teatru – 3 februarie 2008)

Photo credit: Cosmin Ardeleanu