Divan Theater or the NTF royal councils

24 May 2013,  Articles


Divan Theater or the NTF royal councils


Monday, the poet says, is the day of Power. Monday is big-plans day. Beginning with Monday, 28 October, these, and how they can be carried out (at least in theater), will be the topic of the NTF Divans, this year nestling again in the warm, intimate Serendipity Teahouse at 12, Dumbrava Roşie Street, a two-minutes’ walk from Bulandra Theater’s Toma Caragiu Hall. Here, amidst sweet flavors and tea fragrances, theater people will chat / usefully! Successful recipes in dialogue is this edition’s title for the meetings, which among other things will attempt to unravel the meaning of the saying “The right man in the right place”. Also, to disclose secrets that may secure success in the theater of our days / or, more exactly, evenings. Or alleviate personality or financial crises, conflicts between generations, between experiment and accessibility, or the competition between the state system and the independent one. All this will happen a laidback atmosphere, which has become very valuable in public dialogue precisely because it is increasingly rare.


Directors and managers of the most “visible”, big and small, theaters of the moment, from Bucharest and other cities, will enter into dialogues as follows:

– Monday, 28 October / guests: Ion Caramitru, general director of Bucharest I.L. Caragiale National Theater and Cristian Hadji-Culea, general director of Iaşi Vasile Alecsandri National Theater;

– Tuesday, 29 October / guests: Constantin Chiriac, general director of Sibiu Radu Stanca National Theater, and Mircea Cornişteanu, general director of Craiova Marin Sorescu National Theater;

– Wednesday, 30 October / guests: Alina Moldovan, general director of Ion Dacian National Operetta Theater, and George Remeş, manager of Godot Café-Teatru;

– Saturday, 2 November / guests: Lucian Vărşăndan, director of Timişoara German State Theater, and Andrei and Andreea Grosu, founders of UNTEATRU;

– Sunday, 3 November / guests: Ada Lupu-Hausvater, manager of Timişoara Mihai Eminescu National Theater, and Attila Gáspárik, general director of Târgu-Mureş National Theater.

Host: theater critic Alice Georgescu, artistic director of NTF. 

The meetings are scheduled for 10:30. When the discussions come to an end and the cups are empty, there will surely be left among the tea leaves some successful recipes worth handing down to NTF’s successors.