Musics and muses in the NTF

25 May 2013,  Articles


Musics and muses in the NTF


The tone makes the music. And the music makes the atmosphere. Next Generation Theater Music is aimed directly at the senses, in an original live concert show included in the National Theater Festival. Tuesday, 29 October, at 21:30, at Odeon Theater’s Studio Hall, the composer Tibor Cári and The Theater Fleas Orchestra start a radical war against “plastic music” in theater. Their weapons are musical pieces from shows, pieces that live outside theater, and pieces that haven’t yet found their… plays. Ranging from classical music to hip-hop and from blues to rock, Tibor Cári’s musics will meet the muses and thrill the privileged listeners.

The National Theater Festival does not slow down even when evening turns to night, as muses go haywire and, protected by darkness, mix up arts: actors start singing, and set designers start dancing. At Gala / Le Théâtre restaurant at 2-4 George Enescu St. (UNITER’s ground floor), Festival nights are white. Tuesday, 29 October, from 22:30, the Loose Neckties Society, a band made up mostly of actors of the Hungarian State Theater in Cluj, will heat up the crowd in an eclectic concert full of humor, and Wednesday, 30 October, from 22:45, the set designer Alina Herescu will give a passionate Argentine tango recital. Olé!

Entrance to the Festival nights is free, as is visiting the Info FNT point in the University underground passage. Young theater makers will give autographs and dialogue with the public every day from 17:30. The actors Marius Manole and Dan Rădulescu, the stage directors Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, Vlad Cristache, Erwin Şimşensohn and Ovidiu Caiţa are this week’s guests. The schedule also includes contests with prizes at 14:00, 17:00, and 19:00.  

It’s quite worth taking a walk in Bucharest, especially going to its theaters / in the NTF, till Sunday, 3 November.