Young theater makers in the NTF

22 May 2013,  Articles


Young theater makers in the NTF


The National Theater Festival kicks off today in Bucharest! In theaters and cinemas, cultural centers, teahouses and clubs, and also, for the first time in the festival, in the University underground passage. Located at the heart of the capital city, Info FNT is a space destined for the public at large interested to find out about the events that will occur during the theatrical ten days / performances, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and workshops, book launches. Animated by Theater students from I.L. Caragiale NUTCA, the information point is dedicated chiefly to young people.

Under the title Young theater makers at Info FNT, next week will bring in the midst of the crowd, for autographs and dialogue, young theater makers invited to the festival. Monday, 28 October at 17:30, the composer Tibor Cári will give a brief live performance excerpted from the show Theater Music, which he presents in the NTF with the Theatre Fleas Orchestra. Sound, atmosphere, and new sensations in the underground passage. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday is the young stage directors’ turn to face the questions of curious viewers, also at 17:30. Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, Vlad Cristache and Ovidiu Caiţa are the three directors whose works have been selected for the Theater of tomorrow section: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (Regina Maria Theater, Oradea), The Ugly One by Marius von Mayenburg (Comedy Theater), Paparazzi or Chronicle of an Aborted Sunrise by Matei Vişniec (Teatrul de Nord/North Theater, Satu Mare).

Thursday, 31 October, at 17:30, Marius Manole will also be the protagonist of an autograph session and dialogue with the public. The actor is featured in two performances in the festival: Injustice (Bucharest National Theater) and Diary of a Madman (ArCuB), directed by the forever young Radu Afrim and Felix Alexa. But, besides autographs and answers to questions, Bucharesters will be also given the chance to participate in daily contests on theater subjects. The contests will take place at 14:00, 17:00 and 19:00, and the prizes are quite tempting: invitations to performances, art albums, NTF catalogs. Not least, a permanent bookstand will be open at the info point.

Between two trips or two shows, in a hurry or at leisure, we will be waiting for you at the NTF info point in the University underground passage. The festival may begin!