class="">HAMLET by William Shakespeare

HAMLET by William Shakespeare

27 November | 20:00 – Watch on TVR 3 Channel

Vlad Mugur places Hamlet’s dilemma in a space of maximal ascesis, leaving all that might be difficult to understand for the audiences of the beginning of the millenium far behind.


Translated and adapted by: Vlad Mugur


Hamlet: Sorin Leoveanu
Claudius: Bogdán ZsoltVlad Zamfirescu

Polonius: Anton Tauf
Horatio: Emanuel Petran
Laertes: Radu Bânzaru, Dorin Andone
Rosencrantz: Stelian Roşian
Guildenstern: Dan Chiorean
Osric: Petre Băcioiu

A priest: Maria Seleş
Marcellus: Melania Ursu
Bernardo: Dan Chiorean
Actor King: Melania Ursu
Actor Queen: Miriam Cuibus
Old actor: Ion Marian
Prologue, Lucianus: Ruslan Bârlea

Two clowns, gravediggers: Miriam Cuibus, Ruslan Bârlea
Fortinbras: Mihai Costiug
Gertrude: Elena Ivanca
Ophelia: Luiza Cocora
Hamlet’s father Phantom: Liviu Matei
Guards: Ionuț Caras, Romulus Chiciuc, Romul Moruţan, Cătălin Codreanu, Andrei Elek, Cătălin Herlo, Cristian Rigman, Rareş Stoica, Alin Teglaş, Cristian Grosu

Dramaturgy by: Roxana Croitoru

Directed by: Vlad Mugur

Set design: Helmut Stürmer

Costume design: Lia Manțoc

Masks: Ilona Járo Varga

Stage music: Adrian Pop

Light design: Jenel Moldovan, Dorel Șimon

Sound design: Marius Rusu

TVR Iași team

Image director: Aurel Pițigoi

Editing: Iolanda Miricioiu

Editor: Ion Parhon

Producer: Ioana Prodan

TV Director: Silviu Jicman

Duration: 2h 20mins

Co-production: National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca and TVR – 2001

Not recommended for viewers under the age of 14

The modern character of the stageing derives out of  the esentialization of the topic; baroque- style approaches don’t have a place here any longer. The dramatic depth remains: firm, contoured. The performance shapes up as an essay about the human condition and the condition of the artist, about old and new, about life and death, all on the edge separating madness from normality.

Photo Credit: Archive of the National Theatre of  Cluj-Napoca