class="">LE SOUPER by Jean Claude Brisville

LE SOUPER by Jean Claude Brisville

25 November| 20:00 -Watch on TVR 3 Channel

„The dialogue between Talleyrand and Fouché in Le Souper, by Jean Claude Briseville, for which young director Florentina Enache invited the extraordinary duo, Radu Beligan and Ion Lucian, is hard to forget. I don’t imagine a Talleyrand „more Talleyrand” than Radu Beligan and a Fouché „more Fouché” than Ion Lucian.


Translated by: Ion Lucian


Talleyrand: Radu Beligan

Fouche: Ion Lucian

Valet I: Nicolae Ivănescu

Valet II: Ioan Bătinaş

Directed by: Florentina Enache

Set design by: Adriana Păun

Music by: Vasile Manta

Duration: 1h 26 mins

Producer: Odeon Theatre Bucharest, 1995

Filmed for TVR, 1996

TVR Team:

Editor: Alexandra Irimia

Mixer: Dinu Viloiu

DOP: Beatrice Drugă

Directed and adapted by: Dinu Cernescu

What voices! What intersection of slimy sarcasm and polished wickedness, what noble cynicism and bourgeois arrogance! And all comes unaccompanied of exagerated gestures, just like in good old theatre, when in the beginning was the word… Beyond this acting feast, the performance of the Odeon also surprises with the often incredible analogy between the times of the post- Napoleonic restauration and the situation of the Romanian society after 1989, as expressed in the exchange between Talleyrand and Fouché, between diplomacy and police. I am almost afraid to think what characters would fill in these positions in our times…” (Acting feast at the Odeon – Sorin Holban)