class="">OLD CLOWN WANTED by Matei Vișniec

OLD CLOWN WANTED by Matei Vișniec

23 November| 22:00 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Monday 23 November 22:00 till Wednesday 25 November 23:00.

„Rivals and former friends, they have admired and praised each other for their past successes. Now, they’re old, they have all sorts of weaknesses, they’re a bit soft- witted, but still have the illusion of reliving the magical condition of the artist, be it even written with very small, almost unnoticeable letters, at the very bottom of a poster. They are childish and mean. Parting from the arena has left them alone, age made them frail.” (Constantin Paraschivescu)

Photo credit: Archive of the „Sică Alexandrescu” Theatre Brașov



Nicollo: Mircea Andreescu

Filippo: Costache Babii

Peppino: Virginia Itta Marcu

Directed by: Claudiu Goga

Set design by: Ramona Ingrid Macarie

Original music: George Marcu

Duration: 1h 20mins

Production:  „Sică Alexandrescu” Theatre, Brașov 

Made for TVR, 2009