class="">THE ACTOR, after Mircea Dinescu

THE ACTOR, after Mircea Dinescu

26 November | 23:30 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Thursday 26 November, 23:30, till Saturday 28 November, 23:30.

A performance trying to answer the question „What is an actor and what does he want to express?”, a demonstration that there still are complete artists, capable of transmitting a message, using the means of any type of artistic manifestation. A plea for overcoming the classic, dusty, widely known canons of contemporary theatre.


The Actor: Mihai Mălaimare

The Pianist: Mircea Tiberian

Written and directed by: Mihai Mălaimare

Set design by: Sanda Mitache

Music: Mircea Tiberian

TVR Team:

Set design for TV: Puiu Antemir

DOP: Aurel Pițigoi

Producers: Sânziana Miloșoiu, Silviu Jicman

General producer: Sanda Vișan

Duration: 58 mins

Produced by: Masca Theatre, 2007

Filmed for TVR, 2012

The performance THE ACTOR, a one man show, written by Mircea Dinescu, is a declaration of love of theatre, tasting sweet and bitter, just like the stage.

After so many reviews about me playing others, I have decided to play myself. Tonight I will play The Actor. (…) so, me being the text, please read me.” (Mihai Mălaimare)

Photo credit: Cristinel Dâdăl