class="">THE TEMPEST, after William Shakespeare

THE TEMPEST, after William Shakespeare

26 November | 19:00 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Thursday 26 November 19:00 till Saturday 28 November 19.00.

A fairy tale about a king who lost his kingdom, becoming the magician Prospero, and his daughter, Miranda. A comedy of illusions, an extravaganza, a text about power and revenge. The Tempest is, above all, a play about the demiurgical power of art and imagination. Prospero’s knowledge goes beyond the laws of the humans, controls nature, rules over spirits and conjures love.


Translated by: Radu Nichita and Nina Cassian


Prospero: Ion Caramitru         

Miranda: Crina Semciuc

Caliban: Mihai Călin

Ariel: Istvan-Lajos Teglas

Ferdinand: Alexandru Călin / Ciprian Nicula              

Sebastian: Gavril Pătru

Antonio: Ioan Andrei Ionescu             

Alonso: Andrei Finţi

Gonzalo: Vitalie Bichir             

Stephano: Marcelo-S Cobzariu

Trinculo: Mihai Calotă             

Marinari, Spirits, Creatures of the Island: Eduard Adam, Axel Moustache, Eduard Cârlan, Mădălin, Mandin, Ionuț Toader

Nymph: Alexandra Poiană

Directed and musically illustrated by: Alexander Morfov

Set- design by: Nikola Toromanov

Costumes design: Andrada Chiriac

Light design: Chris Jaeger

Choreography by: Florin Fieroiu

Duration: 2h 30 mins

Producer: National Theatre Bucharest, 2014

With English subtitles

An impressive cast featuring Ion Caramitru as Prospero, in a captivating staging, with frantic rhythms, humour, emotion, strong images and a musical accompaniment that stays with the spectators long after they leave the theatre hall.