class="">UNCLE VANYA by A.P. Cekhov (Cluj)

UNCLE VANYA by A.P. Cekhov (Cluj)

23 November| 19:00 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Monday 23 November 19:00 till Wednesday 25 November 19:00.

Serebryakov, an emeritus university professor, retires to the countryside together with his young and beautiful wife, Elena. The life of those living here changes from one moment to the next. Vanya and Astrov fight for Elena’s love, while Sonia and Elena both feel attracted to Astrov…

Photo credit: István Biró


Translated into Hungarian by ZSUZSÁNNA KOROS-FEKETE based on the English translation by PAUL SCHMIDT

Translated into Romanian by Andrei Şerban and Kinga Kovács


Alexandr Serebryakov: József Bíró    

Elena Andreyevna: Imola Kézdi                        

Sofia Alexandrovna (Sonia): Anikó Pethő      

Maria Vasilyevna (Maman): Emőke Kató      

Ivan Petrovich (Vanya): András Hatházi        

Mikhail Lvovici Astrov: Zsolt Bogdán

Ilia Ilici Teleghin: Attila Orbán            

Marina: Csilla Varga  

Iefim: Ferenc Sinkó

Literary Manager: Kinga Kelemen

Directed by: Andrei Şerban

Set design by: Carmencita Brojboiu

Assistent director: Attila Keresztes

Duration: 2h 50min

Producer: Hungarian Theatre of Cluj – 2007

In Hungarian with Romanian  subtitles