class="">POOL (NO WATER) by Mark Ravenhill

POOL (NO WATER) by Mark Ravenhill

29 November | 17:30 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Sunday 29 November 17:30 till Tuesday 1 December 17:30.

After several years the old gang has finally reunited. Back in the day, at the art academy, they were all inseparable. Since then, two of them have died, and one has made it big – her works are coveted by the world’s greatest art collectors. She invites the other members of the group (those who have not gotten past the level of improvised exhibitions) to come to her luxury villa.


Translated into Hungarian by: Fanni Sényi

With: András Buzási, Andrea Kali, Csaba Marosán, Kinga Ötvös, Csilla Varga

A project by: Radu Nica, Andu Dumitrescu, Vlaicu Golcea

Project Assistent: Melinda Kántor

Duration: 2h 10 mins

Producer: Hungarian Theatre of Cluj – 2020

In Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles

Nor recommended for viewers under the age of 16

On the very evening of the reunion, the hostess suffers a terrible accident. She spends a few weeks at the hospital, in a coma, surrounded by her friends who begin to gradually photograph her deformed body. Documenting the act of suffering can finally bring them their much coveted success. However, the “artistic object” awakens from her coma and claims her rights to the photographs. Once more, the prospect of failure presents itself for those who have not yet achieved success, therefore, they plan to get their revenge.

The text is a cynical satire on the art world and its (moral) mediocrity. Nonetheless, it is also a play about contemporary society, in which even the rights to one’s own body image are negotiable. Ravenhill puts the super-aestheticized approach to the real world and the intentional staging of that which pertains to one’s privacy into the line of fire, for even the human body itself, as a fundamental identity depository, has become a product subjected to the rules of the market.

Photo credit: Andu Dumitrescu