class="">YVONNE, PRINCESS OF BURGUNDY by Witold Gombrowitz


24 November | 18:00 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Tuesday 24 November 18:00 till Thursday 26 November 18:00.

Classes or masses, our lives are ruled by conventions. We all proceed based on fixed schemes, be it about clothes, food, ordinary conversation. Boys don’t wear skirts, it’s not nice to put our hands in the soup bowl and we’re supposed to answer when someone asks us something.


Translated by: Pályi András


Ivonne: Kicsid Gizella

King Ignace: Nemes Levente

Queen Margreth: Gajzágó Zsuzsa

Prince Philip: Mátray László

Chamberlain: Pálffy Tibor

Iza: Pál Ferenczi Gyöngyi

Cyryl: Váta Loránd

Cyprian: Kolcsár József

Aunt 1: Molnár Gizella

Aunt 2: Krizsovánszky Szidónia

Innocente: Erdei Gábor

Valentin: Botka László

Chancelor: Kőműves Mihály

Marshall: Veress László

Magistrate: László Károly

First Lady: Fekete Mária

Second Lady: Tulit (Ruszuly) Éva

Third Lady: P. Magyarosi Imola

Fourth Lady: Fatma Mohamed

Beggar: Darvas László

Adapted / Dramatised by: Czegő Csongor

Directed by: Bocsárdi László

Set Design: József Bartha

Costumes: Judit Dobre-Kóthay

Choreography: Fatma Mohamed

Original music by: Könczei Árpád

Light design: Horváth Csaba, Vargha Zsolt, Varga Béla

Sound design: Fejér Ferenc

Duration: 2h

Producer: „Tamási Áron” Theatre Sfântu Gheorghe, 2008 

Recorded for TVR, 2009

In Hungarian with Romanian subtitles

So what’s happening when someone doesn’t answer the question he or she is being asked? As does Yvonne, Gombrowicz’s heroine.  Is she stubbornely refusing to answer? Who could know? Is she doing it because she disrespects the person asking? She does not answer. Has she got something against? Against the world? Silence. Might the question be a bad one? Or maybe the questioner doesn’t deserve an answer.  There is no answer. Not even to this question. Yvonne’s silence stirs up King Igancio’s fairy tale like court. In this world that has adapted to fit the royal court etiquette, one person’s silence brings thousands of sins to the surface, thousands of dishonest wishes, thousands of hidden passions.

Because of her silence, Yvonne becomes a terrible creature, frightening to the point of turning attractive. All courtiers fear her, but none of them, not even the king, can get rid of her silence, of her unanswered questions. There is no such thing as refuge, one can’t get rid of him- or herself. But staying, trying to survive the density of unanswerable questions will mean an unbearable torture.

Photo credit: Barabás Zsolt