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Breakfast With a Champion

9 November | 22:30 –

The show has been available for viewing from Tuesday, November 9, from 22.30, until Monday, November 15, at 24.00.

A dialogue between Daniela Zeca Buzura and Ion Caramitru

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Producer: Ileana Ploscaru Panait
Filmmaker: Daniela Zeca Buzura
A TVR production, 2015
Duration: 47 min

This is how I knew him – fresh, fighting, determined. Then, through the ‘Poesis’ TV show I rediscovered him as a very young man in the Golden Archives of the Romanian National Television (TVR) in performances, interviews and recitals which I still remember vividly. A remarkable poetry recitation expert, an overwhelming voice, a capacity to feel the verse that would make anybody, however bitter, love poetry, understand it and search for it. He adored Eminescu, was a good friend of Nichita Stănescu, Dan Grigore and Johnny Răducanu, who accompanied hum in a unique manner in his recitalsr. More than once, The Romanian Television took over these remarkable shows.

From now on we shall enjoy him solely through these recordings. And we are fortunate that these are not just a few. We are sad and inconsolable. We convey our condolences to his family, his collaborators, the team at the National Theatre in Bucharest and his colleagues at UNITER.” – Ileana Ploscaru Panait