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Carnival Stuff

10 November | 22:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Wednesday, November 10, from 22.00, until Friday, November 12, at 22.00.

One would think that Alexandru Dabija „reads” Caragiale on a different note. In fact, he looks at him inwardly, and he likes what he sees. And identifies with what he likes.A lucid and cynical Caragiale to the point of cruelty with his heroes, a side that Dabija exploits with great interest in his productions. He also offers us a shattering vision of contemporary human emptiness and derision with Carnival Stuff.

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Author: I.L. Caragiale


Mița Baston: Irina Movilă

Didina Mazu: Natalia Călin

Waiter, a mask: Rodica Ionescu

Crăcănel: Claudiu Bleonţ

Nae Girimea: Gavril Pătru

Pampon: Emilian Oprea

Iordache: Marius Rizea / Ionuț Toader

The Candidate: Mihai Munteniţă

Officer 1: Mihai Calotă

Officer 2: Ciprian Nicula

Direction: Alexandru Dabija

Stage design: Raluca Alexandrescu

Costumes: Liliana Cenean

Choreography: Florin Fieroiu

Assistant director: Patricia Katona

Consulting magician Magitot

I.L. Caragiale National Theatre București

Duration: 1 h 35 min (no intermission)

Performance in Romanian without subtitles.

Alexandru Dabija did not count on actualisation here, but rather the set design features fixate the action in bygone times by means of the materials and pieces of furniture used and by suggestions through the costumes. Highly relevant for the general view of this performance is the high speed of the dramatic flow, generated by the romantic affairs within a community based on deception and lies.”Oltiţa Cîntec, „Lumea lui Caragiale. Datul în spectacol”, Suplimentul de cultură

This performance does not stand out uselessly, does not offer a rhetorical symbolism, as we were shown by performances in the past few years, but it rather offers a necessary and expected naturalness. There is no shortage of references to the daily life, contemporary history, wordplays or short hints knowledgeable viewers This is a comedy to lift one’s mood, connecting you to the spirit of Caragiale, to the acting for the pure joy of it, and to the National Theatre’s top-level performances.” – Doina Ruști, „Un spectacol tonic”,

Photo credit: Florin Ghioca