class="">Club A, Music… and Those Who Became Others

Club A, Music… and Those Who Became Others

coordinated by Doru Ionescu

Casa de pariuri literare Publishing House, 2021

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“Entering Club A, the free one (because until 1990 it was impossible, even as a student), I discovered all that cultural and artistic ferment and crucible; a real creative fever was floating, after the Revolution the young world had woken up and was looking for landmarks, models, everything was being reinvented – music, theater, literature, film…

As presented in the table of contents, I returned to the idea of ​​a diary, transcribing briefly significant moments of the events filmed over 20 years. In sync with how the show business in post-December Romania got restructured, Club A reinvented itself on the free market, trying to respect, despite the chaotic style, the tradition imposed by the founders, as few other institutions (old or new) have succeeded. The book stops abruptly, within the limits imposed by the available printing space, claiming at least another tome – as far as I’m concerned. ”

Doru Ionescu

The book is part of the Bucharest Cultural Brand project, produced by Casa de Pariuri Literare Publishing House and co-financed by the City Hall of Bucharest through ARCUB within the Bucharest – Open City 2021 Program. For detailed information about the financing program of Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB, please visit