class="">DEATH KNOCKS. LIVE 360° performed reading, after a text by Woody Allen

DEATH KNOCKS. LIVE 360° performed reading, after a text by Woody Allen

29 November | 16:00 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Sunday 29 November 16:00 till Tuesday 1 December 16:00.

A premiere within the National Theatre Festival.

The National Theater Festival brings in this year’s online edition a premiere in the Romanian theater: the first live broadcast of a performed reading in 360 ° , which implies a new and unique experience for the public.


With: Maia Morgenstern și Mircea Rusu

Directed by: Florin Ghioca

Duration: 20 mins

A project of the National Theatre Bucharest, 2020

Romanian premiere, within the program of the NTF

“Death knocks “, based on a text by Woody Allen, features great actors Maia Morgenstern and Mircea Rusu, in a stage adaptation conceived and directed by Florin Ghioca. The two actors have often appeared together,  most recently in “The Visit”, directed by Alexander Morfov, at the National Theater Bucharest and “The Lover” at the State Jewish Theater, directed the late Vlad Stănescu.

This time, however, “Death Knocks”, a short play by Woody Allen, will introduce them to the world of fine humor of the well-known American actor, director and screenwriter.  Those who will watch the live performance will benefit of a unique experience: practically, the spectator will be in the center of the happening, able to watch everything going on inside the room, thanks to a 360 ° video camera, mounted right in the center of the stage space.

“The experience for the spectators will be incredible, because they will be within one meter of the actors and will be able to follow them wherever they go. Basically, the backstage part disappears, and the protagonists will be facing each other, but having the audience “interposed” . It is not a simple performed reading, but much more than that. It will be a unique experience for all of us, a theatrical step forward, done during this pandemic period, hoping to get closer to audiences and a new way to relate to the theatrical act, in a 2020 affected to such extent by the new Corona virus. I dedicate this performance to the memory of Vlad Stănescu, a special and very dear theater man, who left us in March”- Florin Ghioca.

“Death knocks on the door” is the third show staged by Florin Ghioca, after “Song about Myself” and “A Day with Nichita”, both on the stage of the Studio Hall “Euphorion” at the National Theater in Cluj.