class="">„For Ever. And a Day”. Andrei Șerban’s Theatre

„For Ever. And a Day”. Andrei Șerban’s Theatre

„Eternitatea. Şi încă o zi”. Teatrul lui Andrei Șerban

by Andreea Nanu

Eikon Publishing House, 2021

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Coming from outside the profession, doing a huge research work that took her almost a year, studying recordings of theater and opera shows that I staged in different countries and continents very much in detail, going through all stages of my career, Andreea Nanu made me to understand that the stake of the book is not only personal, but about the chance to awaken a cultural consciousness, in which these performances must have a place, not then, but now, in the present. And the book must serve that purpose. She spent days and nights in front of the screen, to understand the atmosphere of each staging, to communicate their living emotion in the essays in this volume. Therefore, this book is not necessarily addressed to theatre profesional, but directly to the general public, to those who are constantly interested in the work I have done and continue to do. And for young people who may be inspired to follow the example of an unusual career. Whatever the future of the book, I support its trust and work, because I believe that they deserve to be honored.

What can be further? If through the sensitivity, imagination and intelligence of the emotion that characterizes her, Andreea Nanu was able to bring back to life these stagings, if she managed, looking at them, to think and feel simultaneously what she perceives, these performances will be able to “escape” from The Museum of Exile, where they are kept, to communicate a new vibration to us… For the cover, the author chose, from what I had proposed, a portrait that my father, the well-known photographer George Șerban, made for me. The emotion with which the young man was looking at the lens expresses everything I dreamed of at an early age: infinity… the sea, freedom… […] No one caught me better than my father on camera. Thanks to him, on the cover, I recognize myself: I am myself… But who am I? And what can my theater signify today? The author answered me, through the reply of a Shakespearean character, Orlando, in As You Like It, who inspired one of my most beloved stagings from my youth: “For Ever. And a day ”

Andrei Șerban