class="">Green Hours, a Phenomenon

Green Hours, a Phenomenon

author- coordinator Rozana Mihalache

Casa de pariuri literare Publishing House, 2021

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„Places are made of people and people are made of what they love and what they hold tight against their chests and in their bones. Same with Green Hours. The history of this „phenomenon” can’t be told in any other way but through the words of those who helped creating it.”

Rozana Mihalache

„I’m not sure art can right the wrong in society, but it can give it a try.”

Voicu Rădescu

The book is part of the Bucharest Cultural Brand project, produced by Casa de Pariuri Literare Publishing House and co-financed by the City Hall of Bucharest through ARCUB within the Bucharest – Open City 2021 Program. For detailed information about the financing program of Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB, please visit