class="">Heart and Other Flesh Matters

Heart and Other Flesh Matters

6 November | 19:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Saturday, November 6, from 19.00, until Monday, November 8, at 19.00.

About love and the colourful dust it turns into. About the butterfly-Labrador that to no avail struggles at the end of reality. About the involuntary humour and voluntary solitude. Abut truth, tenderness and sex. About children, poetry and coffee. About the body and how it bears the burden. About small tantrums occurring in the midst of a crisis. About beauty and souls that dry out more and more, already hardened around the edges .About pleasure and disease. About language and how the colour leaks from things. About inside couples. About the life that hangs by a few centimetres outside of us. About the heart and other flesh matters.” – Dan Coman

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After a text by Dan Coman

Cast: Alex Calangiu, Ştefan Cepoi, Ramona Drăgulescu, Flavia Giurgiu, Romaniţa Ionescu, Geni Macsim, Ioana Florentina Manciu, Cătălin-Mihai Miculeasa, Claudiu Mihail, Raluca Păun, Vlad Udrescu, Costinela Ungureanu, Petronela Zurba, Irina Danciu

Also participating: Corina Oprea, Mihai Alexandru Purcaru, Sorin Gruia, Minela Popa, Florin Chirea

Directed by, video and sound universe: Radu Afrim

Set design: Irina Moscu

Sound design: Mihai Dobre

Assistant director: Claudia Gorun

Technical director: Sorin Gruia

Stage movement: Flavia Giurgiu

Marin Sorescu National Threatre Craiova

Duration: 2 hrs 30 min (no intermission)

Not suitable under 16 years of age

Pandemic times are, with Coman and Afrim, not a cause but a litmus, a catalyst of personal crisis, generating contextual gestures and solutions – they are mendacious liaisons whose dissolution is accelerated by the pandemic (…) For Afrim and Coman, the pandemic is a social crisis, with hard to guess individual effects, a crisis of the couple and of the family, in which the desire to survive, the vital impulse of sexuality and of the need to love fight against the new, the unknown, the distances, the loneliness, the voluntary or involuntary abandonment.” – Iulia Popovici, „Viața noastră s-a schimbat. Vom supraviețui?”, in Observator cultural, nr. 1034 / 9 Oct 2020

Photo credit: Albert Dobrin