class="">HISTORY OF A PERFORMANCE – Gigi Căciuleanu


24 November | 14:00 –

The show has been available for online viewing from Tuesday 24 November 14:00 till Thursday 26 November 14:00.

„The History of a Performance” is a making-of of the performance „Our Stories”, by Gigi Căciuleanu, a series of excerpts from the rehearsals of the choreographic show „Our Stories”, as well as fragments from the official premiere at the National Theatre Bucharest.


Original music: Lucian Stan, Marius Mateşan, Dan Handrabur, Cristina Handrabur, Cristian Stanciu, Vlaicu Golcea, Mitoş Micleuş

Light design: Silviu Alexandru Andrei

Cast: Adrian Nour, Alex Călin, Arcadie Rusu, Andrei Iancu, Diana Spiridon, Lari Giorgescu, Ioana Macarie, Ioana Marchidan, Ştefan Lupu, Relu Dobrin, Ramona Bărbulescu, Ana Vișan, Rasmina Călbăjos, Bianca Bor

Film directed by: Andrei Măgălie

Set and costume design: Corina Grămoșteanu

Musical illustration: Mihaela Constantinescu

Editor: Lucia Constantinescu

After the performance „Our Stories” / National Theatre Bucharest

Duration: 1h 10 mins

Producer: TVR, 2012

Two months of rehearsals together with Gigi Căciuleanu, putting up a show about the world of Caragiale’s characters. Conducted by Gigi Căciuleanu, the 11 actors become „11 dance-actors”. „The History of a Performance” is a film in which fragments of rehearsals come together with the performance in a homogenous and complex puzzle”, so televison director Andrei Măgălie.


 „Our stories” premiered in 2012 at the National Theatre Bucharest and remained on the repertory until 2017.