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Let’s talk about life

6 November | 23:30 –

The show has been available for viewing from Saturday, November 6, from 11.30 pm, until Monday, November 8, at 11.30 pm.

Caught between what she wants and what society considers as a must, Greta painstakingly makes a psychological escape plan, which changes every single moment. A roller coaster of the human mind, soul-searching process in search of the truth, a play about who we are.. when we do not refer to what others expect us to be.” – Ana Sorina Corneanu

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Author: Ana Sorina Corneanu

Performed by Florentina Țilea (Greta)

Direction: Zsuzsánna Kovács

Set design and costumes: Gabi Albu

Choreography: Florin Fieroiu

Original music: Călin Țopa

Light design: Mircea Mitroi

Assistant director/ technical assistant: Adrian Ionescu

I.L. Caragiale National Theatre Bucharest

Duration: 1 h

Man’s greatest curiosity if how his life will be, what his story will be like… and if this story will become one with a well-designed plan drafted by others or will shake its predefined forms and give a free rein to the unpredictable. Greta invites us to participate in her performance, whose playwright, director and actor of each role is herself. She falls apart in pieces of her existence, in order to give a voice to the shadows she hides insides and bring to light the voices of the world that accompany her. She narrates her own thinking process in the third person. All these are nothing but a trick, a tool of self-irony through which she gives herself the chance to disclose everything, concealing nothing, in order to then, in the end, face one single question: Is she going to manage to be different? – Zsuzsánna Kovács

A dramatic recital of such an emotional intensity and duration, all alone on the stage, heavily (and yet ever so lightly!) floating through ideas and inner feelings, but also through the shadows that the direction and set design ‘support’ her with… that’s no job for an ordinary actress. This remarkable achievement, the sparkle in her eyes, the beneficial exhaustion one notices at the end of the tour de force that Țilea manages to do – all the above are sufficient reasons to win her a place in the gallery of remarkable women in Romanian contemporary theatre” – Bogdan Burileanu, „Imposibila plutire. Hai să…! Hai, să vorbim despre viață!”,

Photo credit: Florin Ghioca, Marian Cristina