13 November | 20:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Saturday 13 November, from 20.00, until Saturday 13 November, at 22.20.

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Author: William Shakespeare

Cast: Ion Caramitru, Valeria Seciu, Constantin Dinulescu, Mihai Calotă, Mircea Rusu, Dorin Andone, Ovidiu Cuncea, Eduard Adam, Alexandru Bindea, Ana Ciontea, Victoria Dicu, Amalia Ciolan, Răzvan Cristian Stroe, Andrei Murariu, Petru Cuncea, Monica Anastase, Alexandru Mărculescu, Mihai Munteniţă, Celina Niţu, Ştefan Opreanu, Andrei Stoleriu

Direction: Radu Penciulescu

Assistant director: Amalia Ciolan

Set design: Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu

Set design assistant: George Pomponiu

Original music: Iosif Herţea

Light design: Georgiu Stan

Producer: I. L Caragiale National Theatre Bucharest, 2012

Duration: 2 h 20 min

Rarely staged and even considered jinxed by the superstitions loaded mythology of theatre, this Macbeth of the National Theatre is approached like a living literary material, highly contemporary and bearing forever valid meanings. Radu Penciulescu manages a very sharp unwrapping of the threads of this conflict, and paints the picture of a world torn apart by plots and conspiracies, a tough and merciless world, much like the one we are living in today.

Created with an assumed minimalism which does not shy away from the tragic poetry of the forever uneven showdown between Man and History, this performance is simultaneously a tribute paid to Theatre, its mysteries and secrets, but even more so to the Actor, the quintessential presence of the theatrical art, that has been fascinating humanity for thousands of years.