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My Fair Lady

12 November | 22:30 –

Excerpts from the show had been available for viewing from Friday, November 12, from 10.30 pm until Sunday, November 14, at 10.30 pm

After Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

My Fair Lady is the story of the common man who wants to become more than he currently is, want to learn to read and enjoy life. At the same time it is also the story of the man who wishes to use the knowledge he has acquired to shape a human character and endow it with the skill every man should own: the ability to speak properly and elegantly, which is an unfailing tool of self-discovery.

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After Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

Original play directed by Moss Hart

Translators: Vasile Timuș and Nicușor Constantinescu

Direction: Ion Caramitru


Henry Higgins – Ion Caramitru

Eliza Doolittle – Rodica Ștefan

Coronel Pickering – Cristian Caraman

Alfred P. Doolittle –  Orest Pîslaru – Ranghilof

Freddy Eynsford-Hill –  Andrei Peșca

Mrs Pearce – Mioara Curechian

Mrs Higgins – Eugenia Ilinca

Mrs Eynsford-Hill – Ligia Dună

Harry:  Marius Meragiu

Jamie:  Mihăiță Radu

Professor Karpathy: Lorendi Rădulescu

The Queen: Georgeta Grigore

Prince Lothar: Relu Dobrin

George the Innkeeper: Arnold  Mack

Selsey Man:  Alois Doboș

Hoxton Man: Alin Țintea

Lord Boxington: Victor Bunea

Lady Boxington: Claudia Deleanu

Sir Temistocles Stephanos: Cătălin Cocheș

Mrs Hopkins: Ileana Lenghel

The Butler: George Matei

The Policeman: Alexandru Onea

Flower Lady in front of Higginsț house: Monica Marin

Charles The Driver: Octavian Ștefănescu

Other characters: Corina Plopeanu, Carmen Angheloiu, Aurelia Tudor, Carmen Anghel, Alina Mihăilescu, Cristina Georgescu, Cristina Popa, Ioana Băiașu, Meri Ferariu, Gabriela Popescu, Ana-Maria Racu, Irina Onea, Maria Baciu, Răzvan Rusu, Bogdan Pelearcă, Alin Țintea, Daniel Găină, Bogdan Ardealeanu

Ballet soloists: Denisa Anastasiu, Camelia Ghiță, Sabina Ioniță, Andreea Toma, Eugenia Stoian, Raisa Radamovschi, Luminița Florescu, Alexandra Borîia, Monica Ștraț, Andreea Bărzescu, Cosmin Vasile, Marian Chirazi, Andrei Ciobanu, Ștefan Băloi, Raluca Herci, Diana Marin

The Orchestra, the Chorus and the Ballet Ensemble of the Ion Dacian National Operetta and Musical Theatre

Set design and costumes: Viorica Petrovici

Lighting Designer: Lucian Moga

Assistant light designer: Cristian Șimon

Choreography: Florin Fieroiu

Choral director: Aurel Muraru

Choreography assistants: Monica Ștraț, Raluca Herciu

Artistic coordinator: Andrei Munteanu

Libretto and adaptation: Alan Jay Lerner

Music: Frederick Loewe

Conductor: Constantin Grigore

Premiere date: 22 May 2021

Duration: 20 min

If, in ancient times, Pygmalion falls in love with his perfect statue, nowadays Higgins sees his work talk, sing, dance, and get entangled in the lawless game of love. In fact, in My Faid Lady the two characters become close and then reject one another, hate and admire each other, in a constant musical back and forth. The far-reaching charm of music accompanies this getaway towards perfection and the ideal.

I loved working alongside the et designer, the conductors, the choreographer, the orchestra, ballet dancers, the chorus, the light designer, the soloists, all trying to get as close as possible to all that is human in this masterpiece.” – Ion Caramitru