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Romeo and Juliet

Cancelled performance

Due to an actor falling ill, Romeo and Juliet directed by Vidnyánszky Attila jr., a production of the Hungarian State Theatre Cluj, will not be livestreamed in the 31 edition of the NTF

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After William Shakespeare

Based on the Hungarian translation by Dezső Mészöly


The Prince / Peter: Lóránd Váta

The Nurse: Csilla Albert

Capulet / Lady Montague: Ervin Szűcs

Lady Capulet / Montague: Imola Kézdi

Friar Lorenzo: Zsolt Bogdán

Romeo: Tamás Kiss

Julieta: Eszter Román

Mercutio: Éva Imre

Benvolio: Zsolt Gedő

Paris: Loránd Farkas

Tybalt: Balázs Bodolai

Direction: Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.

Stage set design: Csaba Csíki

Costumes: Zsuzsánna Kiss

Stage movement Ferenc Sinkó

Hungarian State Theatre Cluj

Duration: 3 hrs (with intermission)

Not suitable under 14 years of age

Performance in Hungarian with English subtitles

If the actor manages to be free inside of a redetermined structure, then he will become just like a song, a perfume, a poetry, which give meaning to everything, the meaning it needs in that particular evening. I still haven’t been able to find this in a very concrete manner, and of course this isn’t even something one can achieve but merely giving instructions. But I do believe in such an approach, and I also believe that Romeo and Juliet is just the right kind of material or such a search.” – Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.

A highly dynamic performance, bedazzling through the direct connection between viewers and characters – feedback is requested, answers are waited for from the audience – and also a disarmingly honest one. (….) Romeo and Juliet, in Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.’s view, has one paramount quality: it surely does not leave one not caring about it! IT challenges you to take a stand. You wither love it completely, or almost not at all and will exit the theatre hall. This is a manifesto for art by this young director, which nowadays, more than ever before, gains consistency and intrinsic value.” – Nona Rapotan, „Despre dragoste la superlativ – Romeo și Julieta în secolul XXI”, 11 July 2021

Photo credit: Biro Istvan