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Rövidek | Shorts

13 November 23:30 –

The show has been available for viewing from Saturday 13 November, from 11.30 pm, until Monday, 15 November, at 11.30 pm. Romanian translation.

Beckett’s plays are haunted by all ort of out of the ordinary characters. People who wander in search of their place in an utterly disordered and meaningless world.

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After Samuel Beckett

Translation by Terézia Feldmár and István Bart

Cast: Albert Orsolya, Barabás Árpád, Bekő Fóri Zenkő, Dunkler Róbert, Esti Norbert, Fincziski Andrea, Jakab Tamás, László Kata, Lukács Emőke, Nagy Xénia-Abigél, Pál Attila, Pál-Varga Márta, Szűcs-Olcsváry Gellért, Tóth Árpád

Direction: Zakariás Zalán

Playwriting: Dálnoky Réka

Costumes: Lőrincz Viola

Music and sound design: Boca Hunor-Lehel

Studio direction: Máthé Miklós Mónika

Light design: Toásó István

Music: Boca Hunor Lehel

Studio manager: Jakab Endre

Camera: Jakab Ervin

Editing: Fancsali Levente

Technician: Balázsi Lóránt

Sándor Theatre Odorheiu Secuiesc

Duration: 1 h 40 min

Not suitable under 12 years of age

Performance in Hungarian with Romanian subtitles

They are incapable of true human connections and become lost in the routine of repetition. Sometimes, with a surprising tranquillity, other times emerged in manic obsessions, they simply live from one moment to the other. The performance shows fragments of the pathetic, shocking, ridiculous lives of such people.