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Strong Souls

12 November | 18:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Friday, November 12, from 18.00, until Monday, November 15, at 24.00.

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Author: Camil Petrescu


Traian Stănescu, Ion Caramitru, Ovidiu Schumacher, Mircea Anghelescu, Valeria Seciu, Irina Petrescu, Costel Constantin, Alexandru Repan, Tamara Crețulescu, Gheorghe Pufulete

Direction: Cornel Todea

Costumes: Tatiana Petrof

Set design: Teodora Dinulescu, Mihaela Giusca

A TVR production, 1979

Duration: 1 h 25 min

Strng Souls is the story of a librarian who falls in love with the daughter of the library’s owner. The social gap between them is uncrossable, as rank and nobility prevailed in a marriage. Yet, it is not the social rank difference that stops Andrei Pietraru, but his fiancée’s huge pride, which makes her excessively picky. None of the two lovers actually knows the other one. Ioana Boiu Dorcani thinks Andrei Pietraru is a sort of modern outlaw, and Andrei sees in her only the immeasurable pride, which he feels he needs to conquer in order to prove to himself that he can do anything. Their story is more like a war, which in the end they both lose, each being defeated by their own narcissism.