class="">TELL US ABOUT RELIGION, TEACH’! by Mihaela Michailov

TELL US ABOUT RELIGION, TEACH’! by Mihaela Michailov

23 November | 16:00 –

The show has been available for online watching from Monday 23 November 16:00 till Wednesday 25 November 16:00.

Tell us about religion, teach’! addresses how truth can be interpreted and manipulated in various ways so that its meaning is relative. The belief in a single truth breaks into dozens of pieces.



Religion Teach’/  TV Presenter: Marian Politic

Mara / Mara’s Mother / Psychologist / TV Presenter: Romanița Ionescu

Anca / Anca’s Mother / Romanian Teacher/ TV Presenter: Raluca Păun

Andrei / Andrei’s Mother / Head Teach`/ TV Presenter: Cătălin Vieru

Bogdan / Sports Teach’ / Spokesperson/ TV Presenter: Dragoş Măceșanu

Stage direction, set design and music: Bobi Pricop

TVR Team

TV Director: Gini Ignat

DOP: Vlad Tănase

Musical illustration: Tudor Stănescu

Coordinating producer: Demeter András

Delegated producer: Dana Andriescu Branca

Producer: Sânziana Miloșoiu

Duration: 1h 06 mins

Producer: „Marin Sorescu” National Theatre Craiova, 2013

Filmed for TVR, 2014

During the religion class (in Romania, religion discipline is optional, students may opt for another subject), the teacher asks students to say what is the definition of truth; from here starts a real dispute and controversy: one of the students, Mara, with an above average class imagination, says that truth is relative and that each person has his truth.