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The Effect

8 November | 19:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Monday, November 8, from 19.00, until Wednesday, November 10, at 19.00. To activate the English translation, press the CC button at the bottom of the video.

”This performance talks about the relationship between the brain and the chemicals that rule our lives, about dopamine and falling in love. Also, it is a modern love story and simultaneously a much-needed talk about depression. I believe that, in a time like the on we are living since a year and a half ago, in which people are becoming more and more estranged, a performance about the causes of depression and the relationship between the brain and the mind can have a liberating effect on many. I dream about a world in which we will all be able to openly talk about the dark sides of our soul.” – Vlad Bălan

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Author: Lucy Prebble

Translation by Vlad Bălan and Camelia Pintilie


Tristan: Vlad Ionuț Popescu

Connie: Oana Jipa

Lorna James: Camelia Pintilie

Doctor Toby: Bogdan Nechifor

Direction: Vlad Bălan

Set design: Miruna Croitoru

Stage movement: Irina Ștefan

Original music: Cristina Juncu

Light design: Dragoș Mărgineanu

Sound design: Sever Andrei


Duration: 2 hrs

Not suitable under 14 years of age

Performance in Romanian with English subtitles

Tristan and Connie are enrolling in a clinical trial testing a new type of antidepressant. During the four weeks, under the supervision of psychiatrist Lorna James and her new supervisor, Toby, they are given an experimental medicine that is designed to increase their dopamine levels, the molecule of anticipation, also called the “molecule of love.” The two are getting closer and closer to each other, being constantly pursued by doubt: Is what we feel true or is it just an effect of the chemicals that change in our brains?
How much of what we do is determined by our free will and how much is just an effect of chemical imbalances?

„The unteatru premiere serves as excellent advocacy for theatre: why we should go to the theatre! The Effect has a bit of all those ingredients that make for a big audience hit: a topic that sparks debates, relatable characters, a theatre ensemble that the roles, the minimalistic but spectacular stage set and the efficient direction make the best of.”- Nona Rapotan,

Photo credit: Vlad Catană