class="">THE HUMAN VOICE de Jean Cocteau

THE HUMAN VOICE de Jean Cocteau

24 November | 20:00 – Watch on TVR 3 Channel

A psychological investigation into the every day life of a woman reveals an essential truth: a gray, banal life, flowing into the universal cycle of nature.


Translated by: Manase Radnev

With: Valeria Seciu

Adapted for television and directed by: Cătălina Buzoianu

Editor: Alexandra Orban

Musical illustration: Lidia Danciu

Set design: Dumitru Georgescu

Duration: 1h 06 mins

Producer: TVR, 1990

It is the story of a breakup by a phone call. A woman still in love, even when she is being abandoned. The intented purpose of Jean Cocteau when writing the play was to shock the audience with a „scandal of commonplace”. The cruelty of the play resides in what Cocteau named as: the arbitrary rupture – a common gesture in an ordinary existence.