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The Iranian Conference

10 November | 19:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Wednesday, November 10, from 19.00, until Friday, November 12, at 19.00. English translation.

Why Iran? Because Iran is a state of the spirit. Or a metaphor about freedom or its absence. About where personal choices begin and where they end. Or also about live, culture, love or God. On the occasion of a conference, ten representatives of „the Western way of thinking” discuss the delicate situation of a spiritual Oriental world that is nonetheless lacking any sort of tolerance.

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Author: Ivan Vyrypaev

Translation by Raluca Rădulescu


Philip Rasmussen: Adrian Matioc

Daniel Christensen: Florin Coșuleț

Oliver Larsen: Adrian Neacșu

Astrid Petersen: Ofelia Popii

Emma Schmidt-Poulsen: Diana Văcaru-Lazăr

Magnus Thomsen: Ciprian Scurtea

Gustav Jensen: Marius Turdeanu

Father Augustin: Pali Vecsei

Pascual Anderson: Victor Rebengiuc

Shirin Shirazi: Raluca Iani

Also participating: Ioana Blaga-Frunzescu, Viorel Rață, Liviu Vlad

Direction: Bobi Pricop

Set design and costumes: Oana Micu

Music: Mihai Dobre

Video: Dilmana Yordanova and Ovidiu Eftimie

Original music: Mihai Dobre

Radu Stanca National Theatre Sibiu

Duration: 1 h 50 min

Performance in Romanian with English subtitles

In partnership with: Castel Film Studios, UNATC through the Research, Development and Innovation Department (DCDI), CINETic, „Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu

Between oratorical stunts and confessions about the extreme experience of evil, ten characters launch themselves in the madness of the contemporary world, deleting the boundaries between truth and ignorance, faith and science, Europe and Asia. The performance directed by Bobi Pricop puts the finger on open wounds, inviting us to an incisive, problematic and symptomatic confrontation of reality that defies the law of dead mileage.

This performance is about how we can learn to live in a world with values, cultures and beliefs that are different that ours. About how we can become more aware about what is within and outside of ourselves. Vyrypaev tackles one of the topics that are essential to him – communication, or rather the lack of it. Political or family crisis situations, wars, conflicts of every kind, ethical dilemmas, all start from misunderstandings and communication problems.

Hence, in The Iranian Conference, he invites us to an open conversation about our particular personal experiences, about the spiritual journeys of each of us, but also about how these all blend together in overall picture. I think it is important to educate ourselves about the different ways of living, thinking and existing on this planet. And, at the same time, to keep an open mind towards Vyrypaev’s proposition, that is to try to establish communication channels with the other one by means of liberty, tolerance and acceptance.” – Bobi Pricop

Photo credit: Dan Șușa