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The Merchant of Venice

9 November| 20:00 –

The performance has been available for single viewing on Tuesday, November 9th, between 20:00 – 22:30.



Author: William Shakespeare

Traslation by Dragoș Protopopescu

Cast: Ion CaramitruRichard Bovnoczki, Ada Galeș, Alexandru Potocean, Cosmina OlariuSilviu MircescuFlavia GiurgiuCiprian NiculaEmilian MârneaMihai CalotăPetre AncuțaFlorin CălbăjosMihai MunteniţăȘtefania Cîrcu, Shahbazimoghadam Mohammad JawadDragoş Dumitru

Extras: Aurelian Ungurianu/Silviu Negulete

Direction, stage version and musical background: Alexander Morfov

Set design: Gabi Albu

Costumes: Liliana Cenean

Choreography: Inga Krasovska

Light design: Chris Jaeger

Technical direction: Silviu Negulete

Producer: I. L. Caragiale Theatre in Bucharest, 2019

Duration: 2 hrs 30 min

The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s darkest comedies, in which the love story of Bassanio (the man who lost his fortune and had to borrow money to marry the woman he loved) blends with the even more dramatic story of the Jewish loan shark Shylock, who wants to get a pound of the flesh of Antonio, a merchant from Venice.

In this performance produced by the National Threatre in Bucharest, drama and comedy, farce and romantic predicaments intertwine in overwhelming moral dimensions, with an impressive cast, Ion Caramitru as Shylock, and a set design that takes us straight into the heart of Venice. A captivating staging, with dynamic rhythms, that highlight Shakespeares’ extraordinary creative power.