class="">The Mystery in the Testament

The Mystery in the Testament

11 November | 18:00 –

The show has been available for viewing from Thursday, November 11, from 18.00, until Thursday, November 11, 19.52.

After the short story Graves by Mihail Sadoveanu

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Mircea DiaconuAlexandru RepanRăzvan VasilescuCristina DeleanuMariana BuruianăIon CaramitruMircea AnghelescuȘtefan RadofGeorge ConstantinValentin TeodosiuDoru AnaGeorge AlexandruSibylla OarceaMihai MălaimareGeorge PăunescuDinu CezarVioleta BerbiucNicu SimonIon Gheorghe ArcudeanuIon Albu

Direction: Olimpia Arghir

Script: Ștefan Radof

TVR, 1988

Duration: 1 h 52 min

The Mystery in the Testament is an adaptation for the stage after Graves by Mihail Sadoveanu (1939), which tackles key moments from the First World War and sketches portraits of hero soldiers like Pavel Tudose, Gheorghe Priceputu or sublieutenant Alexandru Stegărescu.