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The Network of Icons

10 November | 22:30 –

The show has been available for viewing from Wednesday, November 10, from 22.30, until Monday, November 15, at 24.00.

A dialogue between Irina Păcurariu and Ion Caramitru

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Editor: Alina Avramescu

Host: Irina Păcurariu

A production of TVR, 2019

Duration: 45 min

“In a time when the young generation reads more and more, particularly the status of others in social media, and in which idols are created depending on the # (hashtag), this show presents indisputable performers. Viewers will get to know people who have built amazing careers, Romanians who amassed impressive fortunes and people who manage to attract huge crowd or create sold-out performances, highest level IT entrepreneurs or people who were nothing less than the first in their respective fields.

The Network of Icons is a show about NUMBER ONE people in Romania, seen also through the eyes of a generation which we all hope that will manage to do what we were not able to. This is a show that brings a different kind of message than the one you usually get from a TV show”– Irina Păcurariu